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Is North Cyprus a good place to live?

North Cyprus is a great place to live both for families and retirees. The island is renowned for its fabulous beaches, but it also draws people from all over the world with its stunning mountains and little valleys full of vineyards, orange orchards and olive groves.

Is North Cyprus safe for living?

North Cyprus is one of the safest destinations in the Mediterranean. Crime levels are very low. It is safe to walk around even at night, people are very friendly and helpful.Despite the division, North Cyprus remains a very safe place both for tourists and residence.

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Is it expensive to live in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is definitely one of the least expensive countries to live in along the Mediterranean coast. Both buying and renting a property is considerably cheaper than anywhere else in the region. When you shop at the local markets, you will be surprised how far your money can stretch.

Let us show you the beauty of living in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Real Estate

Living in North Cyprus can bring many lifestyle and financial advantages. Life, in general, is more relaxed and there are more opportunities to spend time outdoors. The cost of living in North Cyprus is generally lower, taxes are more lenient and the property prices are much cheaper than any other costal countries.

The lifestyle is typically Mediterranean with its slow laidback pace and “enjoy the moment” attitude. Fruit, veg, fish and various seafood can be bought fresh all year round. Colourful and inexpensive fruit and veg markets are dotted everywhere.

The island enjoys the warmest climate in the European Union, with some 320 days of sunshine per year. North Cyprus is also ranked among the regions with the healthiest climate worldwide.

English is spoken widely both in North and South Cyprus.

You can virtually have any level of lifestyle you want on the island – depending on how much disposable income you have!  For example, if you have megabucks you can have everything from a personal gym to a cinema in your own home – as well as the ubiquitous pool in the garden of course, which you can use for at least 8 months of the year comfortably.

There are cinemas, clubs, bars, an incredible array of restaurants catering to all tastes and all budgets for those living in Northern Cyprus.  There are casinos, discos, societies and sports clubs, public gyms, spas and beach clubs.  What’s more, because the local average wages are relatively modest, the cost of living well in the North can be easily within your reach.

Special Listing

You can access English speaking, internationally trained doctors and dentists in North Cyprus – and private fees for seeing the best are not excessively high.  You can have your children educated at an international school – although these are fee-paying.  The English School of Kyrenia, for example, is accredited to the standard of UK schools and courses.

You can shop in a supermarket where the shelves are lined with international produce – or of course, you can save huge amounts of cash and shop at the weekly markets across the country.

The drive to the very edge of Karpaz, the gorgeous peninsula on the east side of Northern Cyprus, is definitely worth it for the splendid Golden Beach. The wide sand dunes stretches for miles and you are very likely to have a lot of space to yourself. Here you can relax on the soft sand or enjoy a nice stroll, all while soaking up the amazing views of the crystal-clear waters and the mountains in the background. If you are lucky you can also spot green sea turtles as this is where they come to lay their eggs. Golden Beach is the biggest beach on the Karpaz Peninsula, however the whole peninsula is stunningly beautiful and is definitely worth a visit

You can sun yourself for 9 months of the year for free, never get bored of the blue skies and the beaches.  You will find your Cypriot neighbors make you most welcome, and that there are plenty of expatriates who already call North Cyprus home.

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